Ok, then. Here we go!

I've been meaning to do this. Really.

I love walking. Around my neighborhood, to the train in the morning, out with the dog after work. I love the chance to see this city, which is a rather lovely city, at a slower pace now and again. We drive so much here, and all the sitting, shifting of gears and cursing at motorists gets to me - especially after sitting, typing, and cursing under my breath at clients all day long. Putting one foot in front of the other in an organized fashion always makes me feel wonderful--it's simple and invigorating and helps me feel connected to where i live.

So, when my very creative friend Audrey blogged that she was starting a "walk a day" project (and that she was going to photograph it and write about her travels), I promptly invited myself along. Thankfully, she's not opposed to uninvited guests. Ta da! Southern and Northern Constitutional were born.

That was yesterday. In a few days, we'll take our first walks and write our first lines. I don't have any format--for any of it. I plan to go where I need to, and where I please, for 5 minutes or 55 - whatever strikes my fancy. I'll write about whatever comes to mind, but a pattern might emerge as I go along. I don't know where I'll end up--all around.

It should be fun. Read Audrey's contribution here. And get out on your own two legs too.