April 24, 2008 :: Four day workweek. That's what the %$*% I'm talkin' about!

When I started this post, it was last thursday. See above for evidence of my procrastitude.

Today is my Friday. A good mantra for any day of the week, actually, as just thinking those four words kind of puts me in a freer state of mind than say, the galumphing dirge of Tuesday, or the anxious resignation of Sunday night.

I've had a number of post topics swirling around this week. Unfortunately, none made it past the planning stages as I am, in general, a bit scattered at the moment. Allergies and too much caffiene, probably. Brief highlights from the past 7 days:

- "So, I paid $35 for a $20 placenta." See: adventures in brewing your own spring wine. Any recipe that includes "donkey skin glue" and should sit on the shelf for 6 months before you add more vodka (and then leave it to sit for another 6 months before consumption) is probably outside my range of alcoholic beverage tolerance. I sucked down some home made absinthe once, and found I couldn't lift my arms for the better part of an hour. One drunken psychotic break in a lifetime is enough, thank you.

- Blake and my visit to the Variety Playhouse for Nick Lowe.
What a smart, charming, softly-self deprecating, catchy, sad, sweet, rockin' set, that was. Suck it, moody singer-songwritertypes with drooly end-rhyme lyrics, grandpa Lowe's got you all beat, hands down . I've got a serious greyhair crush going.

- A double girly whammy on Tuesday. This spot-on letter, and graffiti in the Variety restroom: "War is just menstruation envy."

- The introduction, in force, of the term "douchenozzle" to the lexicon. In the Loaf, from Mr. Rainey's mouth, and 'round the office.

There's more, but I have to go teach writers and designers about writing and designing for the web now.

Later, interweb.


Northern Constitutional said...

Making your own wine, eh? That sounds exciting! Does a crush on Jeff Goldblum count as a greyhair crush? If so, then I've got one too...

Kendra said...

Oh no...I'm not making my own wine. Especially not wine with human placenta in it. Blake's former roomate Judson apparently tried this once. It was an unmitigated disaster and probably illegal in many states. And yes, i believe a crush on Jeff Goldblum qualifies, though I'm not sure he has grey hair. It's the generation gap that counts. :)