August 6, 2008 :: "Laid Back"

Wow. Been a long time. I think this blog has already captured the 3 words I’ve felt inclined to say this summer. Between the heat and the smog, the crazy month at work and now the dead month, I’m out of whack, uninspired, and on the edge of making some kind of drastic change. Ideas this week have included digging up the entire yard and re-planting every square inch, dreaming about full time freelancing, and selling 90% of what we own and buying a tiny vacation trailer to pull behind the truck. All of them still sound awesome.

Anyway, it’s a bad day to be considering big things, however, since it is that day this month, that day that wreaks havoc on my emotions and better judgment and apparently, vital organs, as all those below the belt feel as if they’ve been punched. I cried last night. About voting. Something’s really off, and Mr. Rainey is doing his best male duck-and-cover, bless his heart. He’s so sweet, it makes me feel bad even thinking about how short I was with him about his driving, his socks on the floor, the record cover design we’ve been working on, his existence, in the room, next to me on the couch, taking up all that SPACE….yeah. I’m really sorry and apparently really crazy.

At least though, I’m not online dating. (Nice segueway, huh?) Oh, but my friend is, and she has a question for all men out there. What’s up with describing yourself as “laid back?” It’s ubiquitous, it seems. If you’re male and you’re on one of the very popular dating service sites, you’re apparently the easy goin’ist guy you'd ever hope to meet. Which makes you suspect, simply because, having dated a good number of men, I know the odds are not in your favor that you are actually in any way “laid back.” This is the truth of advertising. Yell loud enough that you’re something, and it’s a given that you are exactly the opposite of that something, and are trying very hard to cover it up. Who knows? Maybe it’s that, or maybe they’re just lazy, or inarticulate, or their moms have told them they’re laid back. All of those things bring to light other problems that make them not a good date. But that’s another post.

Regardless, all of this makes me very happy that I am taken, and hope to stay that way. I guess I’d better be nicer to him about the socks.


Northern Constitutional said...

I'm half-assin' the "Artist's Way" right now, and they encourage people in situations such as yours (with the boredom and what-not) to go right on ahead and make those changes you are itching to make. What is it with us creative types always needing to change it up? I randomly insisted on moving our office furniture and switching Jake's bathroom with mine this week...and my silly self help book gave me just such permission.

Kendra said...

ha! fantastic! well, we are hitting the road for three days in New Orleans this week, and I just blew a wad of birthday money on new clothes and, I'm thinking travel and shopping laced with hurricanes and gumbo should do the trick. I'll let you know if we decide to quit our jobs and go cross country though. Could still happen. :)