October 3, 2008 :: I have a confession to make.

About a month and a half ago, Mr. Rainey and I hauled ourselves and our friends (and Blake's bandmates) Kevin and Blake P. and their significant others (the lovely Alli and Mariela) to hot, steamy New Orleans to play a couple shows. We were met there by other people from Atlanta and some friends from NOLA and surrounds, and things were set to be a great time. French Quarter hotel rooms were booked, maps were printed out, bags were packed and unpacked. An ordinary working-musician's vacation.

But then, on the second day, Blake and I took a ferry ride across the Mississipi to Algeirs, signed some paperwork, solemly swore a few things, waited a couple hours, and married. Not your ordinary working-musician's vacation.

Nobody knew beforehand except my best friend and our two witnesses. Nobody in our families knew until a couple weeks ago. And now, you know too.

For two people who are not traditional wedding-folk, this arrangement (in a pink wedding chapel in the French Quarter, with one tattooed drummer and one tattooed bass player as witnesses, with no scripture or promises to "obey", with little planning, in comfortable shoes, with some of our favorite people waiting across the street at a bar called "The Three-Legged Dog") was absolutely perfect. The best wedding I've ever been to.

I think everyone should think that about their own wedding. If you don't, do it again. You deserve that.

We laughed until we just about cried. (From left to right, our witnesses: Blake P. {My Blake's best friend since first grade} and Kevin, Mr. Rainey, the new Mrs. Rainey {that'd be me}, and Reverend Tony - our awesome officiant.)

We signed some legal stuff. (Blake P signing, the rest of us posing).

We tried to look (and act) all kinds of solemn. (We're both giddy and nervous at this point. Blake looked so sweet and happy.)

They gave us a Sharpie and a dollar bill.

Which we both signed - a tradition.
And then stuck to the ceiling with a long pole to celebrate with hundreds of others.
Kevin and Blake blew some bubbles as we left.

It was the best day. Ever.


amanda. said...

this was so sweet to read! congratulations! i had a super simple & quick wedding too, and it was by far the best, in my opinion.

you sound very happy & that is wonderful.


Northern Constitutional said...

AH,'s SO GREAT! I love it SO much, and you are wearing very cute shoes and look GLOWINGLY happy and beautiful. SO HAPPY FOR YOU! said...

That is so dang cool.