December 1, 2008 :: Just you wait a second.

Things that have been going on around here:
  • Mad-dash branding presentations in which I do the work I would normally take 6 months to do, in 2 weeks
  • Indiana visits - 2 in one month
  • Thanksgiving Indian, black Friday pizza, Sunday night post-thanks turkey
  • Wedding planning--cupcakes, hummus, room-measurement, chandeliers, fabric, mailing tubes, secret songs
  • Lots of coffee. And hot chocolate.
  • Gifting showers--kitchen implements, hand-drawn tattoos, spicy sausage, beer and wine with friends and colleagues
  • Christmas plans, expensive plane tickets, handmade present buying
  • Dog jogging
  • General thankfulness
I'll be back in force soon. I promise. But for now, I am slammed and frazzled. Stay tuned.

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