August 25, 2009 :: The Walk

The route - from Cabbagetown through the tunnel, down Edgewood through Inman Park, onto the East-West line, to the North-South line, to the High Museum, down Peachtree to Ansley Park, around the circle and up the stairs in the modern-mission building, then reversed, eight-some hours later.

Done twice a day, four miles of walking, 20-some minutes of headphoned people-watching, one train change, one stop at the coffee shop, zero blisters in just the right shoes. This is the thing I love most about living in the city right now.

Today's walk photos span east to west on the last leg of the trip.

*House posting, some kind of update, and general motivation, hopefully, coming soon. I'm in a photographic, ideologic, and design rut. Things are brewing, however. I'll be back.

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