July 8, 2008 :: Helllooooooooo.....

Er hm. Yeah, yeah. I'm here somewhere. Work wedding house fourth Waits parties vacation laundry crankiness freelance tequila gardening tattoos whining sleeping cooking...there you go for reasons that relate to not posting.

Actually, there's kind of another reason too. I'm a little honked off at the internet in general right now. Disappointed. Mainly in the timbre of the typing out there. In a couple places, it's slowly eating away at my faith in humanity, and I'm finding that a bit hard to deal with.

Bitchy bride site...got to stop reading you--everyone's got problems, and the fact that you're in a hair-tearing tizzy because your MOH (that's Matron of Honor in douchebag wedding text-parlance) is wearing a dress that might "upstage" you makes me want to slit my wrists. Irrational ranting on the neighborhood message board...you're making me feel like I live among lunatics who are likely to storm my door and ride me and Mr. Rainey out of the hood on a rail. Bad grammar, terrible spelling, awful sentence construction vomited out in the heat of snarky, close-minded comments to otherwise high-minded publications....something is obviously terribly wrong with the American educational system, and I might move to Canada. Tomorrow.

Ergh. Ack. Grrrmph.

That's why.

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Northern Constitutional said...

Ah yes...I hear a bride there for sure. Hang in, it'll fly by.