July 17, 2008 :: pwned

Well, that little internet-speakage is a bit rough, actually. Let's just call it a symbol of sticktuitiveness on both of our parts. In general, I don't like many of the wedding-esque traditions (including garter-tossing, male patriarchs being required to "walk me" anywhere, having/holding/obeying, etc and etc). And this engagement-ring thing even is something that we bucked for the longest time. But, you know what, I like jewelry. And when you have a very sweet person who wants to marry you saying "but I WANT to buy you a piece of jewelry," what are you going to say?

I said yes. Three times, actually: once during the "discussion" proposal months ago, once when the ring came the first time, months later (in a size that would only fit a toddler), and again when a Kendra-appropriate sized ring arrived about a month ago. (i have "muscular" fingers, the jeweler tells me. Hey, I type all day--the free weights of digit workouts.).

So, here it is. Your first glimpse of wedding glory: the ring.

Hand-made, hand-hammered sterling silver with inlaid freshwater pearls. Totally one-of-a-kind.

I totally love it.

(Sorry about the quality of the picture. I plan to take a better one with the better camera...just haven't gotten around to it. It's summer, and the blood (and brain) are running on energy conservation mode.)

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