January 13, 2009 :: The photobooth calls

I know, I'm supposed to be posting about my house. I'll get to that. Just wanted to mention in the meantime, two pieces of advice I have for anyone considering throwing a wedding or wedding-esque party:
  1. Freaking Out (about anything) is totally unnecessary. Why? Because things are going to happen the way they will happen. My best formula for curbing worries of any kind would be to do what I did. Ask your very talented friends to do simple tasks that are related to their very talentedness, and then trust them to do their jobs. That's it. Turned out perfectly for us, and we didn't raise our blood pressures a single point. Now, if you have crappy, flaky friends, that's another matter, I suppose. Maybe you should get a wedding planner...
  2. Get a photobooth. Posed shots are cool. Candids taken by a professional photographer are wonderful. Having someone rig up a snazzy backdrop (like the hand-painted one above, created by my riduculously talented friend Stephanie), a camera, and some lights, and letting your guests take pictures of themselves is more than a riot. It's epic. Again, especially if you have interesting friends. And goodness, who doesn't have those?

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