March 11, 2009 :: Starting Over

Re: long, unintentional absence.

Dear interwebs,

Well, hello there! Good to see you. I'm glad to be here as well. A recap? Ok. Blake and I kind of became the X to the Nth power of Y victims of the sucky global economy in a number of ways recently, and as such, I've been busting my little writerly butt and not blogging or doing any discernible home improvements. But, hey. We're of hardy stock. And fortunately, though a layoff, an undervalued house, broken appliances (many, oh so many...why do my lovely mechanical friends always go south all at once? It was a coup, I suspect.), a fall that had the boy half of our dynamic duo in serious pain for weeks, dog sickness, and both $$$ and !!! level vehicle repairs, we are still afloat, with a roof over our heads, and now, doubly employed again. Whew.

February was a stressful, ridiculous wash. Dude, March is going to be so awesome by comparison.

And so far so good. I've gained a gardening partner (the amazing Lee), a new work schedule that gives me giant chunks of the weekend left to my own devices (I adore Mr. Rainey, but when he's around, I want to hang around him so much more than I want to paint trim, clean out closets, or dig up giant parts of the yard. I miss him while he's away working, but boy will this be productive I suspect.), and a renewed industrious streak. It's all go around here these days.

So, it really begins. The newly de-junked boxes up above are just about ready to take some of the seeds I bought last night, and my front yard will soon be freshly "lasagned" with a no-dig gardeny layer of newsprint, compost and mulch. There's raspberries to train along the fence, peas and tomatoes and other climbers to cover the chain link, pumpkins, okra, artichoke, onions, spinach, arugula, flowers and herbs and on and on.

Our own little Victory garden.

We so totally win.

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bunnypancake said...

YAY! I didn't give up on you! Sorry to hear about all the shit you've been through, but can't wait to here about all the shit your going to get into!