March 30, 2009 :: Ramona G. Quimby, age 8 months

I didn't intend to do this. Jane died. She deserves a full eulogy, but maybe we'll ring in the new first. This blue-eyed cutie is Miss Ramona. The next generation of puppy love in our house.

As I said, I didn't intend to do this. I wanted an Australian Shepherd. Knew I'd wanted one since I wasn't Mr. Arrow's owner anymore. Sweet, smart, velcro-y dogs they are. So, I filled out an application online to get on the rescue service's radar, imagining that there'd be a wait and then some matching, and sometime in the next few months, we'd find ourselves with a new pet.

It took all of 48 hours.

I met Ramona (former name "Kit".) on Friday. By Saturday, she and Ollie were roughhousing in our living room. By Sunday night, they were snuggling together on a dog bed. On Monday, she was fully ours. She's Ollie's best friend. My constant sidekick. She's sweet and bouncy and has this little nub of a tail swept with fluff that I can't get over when it wags 1000 miles an hour to greet me. She's perfect, and we're all totally in love.

Jane came to me randomly. Out of the blue one day. She stuck with me, moved three times with me. Welcomed Ollie with as much grace as she could. Taught her how to be a good dog. Now, I feel a bit like we've given Ollie and ourselves a little fluffy gift. And she showed up just as haphazardly. I love the way this stuff works out.

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