March 1, 2008 :: And we walked. Kirkwood Ave, Cabbagetown

Today, one last weekend trip through the neighborhood toward the coffee-shop-dogpark, just Jane and Blake and I. One last trip before PUPPY.

Every time I mention the p-word, it's in screaming, all-caps in my head, so I've started typing it out this way. I'm both exhilarated and terrified to meet the new little bundle of white fluff. I remember having a puppy - the chewing, the whining, the unending river of pee - and I think we've got a logistical handle on these things, but I feel mentally underprepared. I feel as if I need to relish every moment of uninterrupted sleep I can get this week. I feel the need to remind Blake as many times as possible how important it is that he stop leaving socks on the floor, change laying next to his crumpled jeans, cords strewn about, because they will become casualties of pointy puppy teeth and ceaseless nosing about for edible non-edibles. I need to remember to buy puppy food and more chewies. I need to continue to shower miss jane with attention--nobody needs to feel left out. I need a puppy advent calendar with milkbones behind the little doors to tick off the days.

One week and counting.

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