March 5, 2008 :: Soundtrack of my Morning

When I'm not walking with a partner (Jane doesn't count, because she is not quite the sparkling conversationalist Blake is), I generally rock the iPod. The 4 year old, green iPod mini in the matching leather case, thankyou. It's chipped, the navigation wheel is dingy, and the play/pause button works only 1/3 of the time. It's about time for a replacement. But boy, have we had some good times. Especially since I got the kick-ass in-ear headphones in the photo. For a gal with some seriously tiny ear canals (I know, you were insanely curious about the diameter of my auditory head-holes), they're utterly painless. Ow, stretching cartilage. Ahhh, soft, squishy polypropylene.

For the walk to the train in the AM, recently I've been pairing Rilo Kiley, old GNR, and old Replacements with my double-tall nonfat latte. When I'm at work, KEXP on iTunes radio, The Weepies, M. Ward, maybe some Rachel's works well while typing about prostate cancer therapy, organic food suppliers, or energy crises (as my assignments have recently dictated). In the afternoons, I often switch to Tom Waits, something Blake's recorded ('Tiques or Demons), Beck, the new Goldfrapp, Bonobo, and cruising the rest of the office's libraries. I know I'm behind by many months, but I've recently discovered The National (and i'm sorry, but the dude's voice reminds me of The Crash Test Dummies. I'm not sure I'm sold yet.), Band of Horses and Adele that way. On the way home, if we're driving, I'll catch NPR news (it's the only news I really get, save Blake's re-cap of everything interesting he remembers from his daily read of The NY Times). If walking, the whole playlist usually goes on shuffle--though I often weed out Blake's huge Clash collection for deeper dips into Costello, Psapp, and the very often underrated Poe. (Who apparently is locked in some kind of legal dispute with her record label and is unable to put out new albums. Huh.) Oh, and I discovered this dude yesterday. He's Neil Finn from Crowded House's son, so I'm all over that.

...And this concludes a little run through one of the three topics most prevalently and persistently in my head: music. The other two - food and design - are rather fairly represented here often. And will be again, I suspect.

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