March 17, 2008 :: Ok, so that was really freaky.

This'll be short and pictureless for now as I am at work and in front of a working internet connection for the first time in three days (and also busy as hell).

For anyone who reads here and also knows that I live in the part of Atlanta called Cabbagetown (I'm sure people all over the nation asked "what the hell's a Cabbagetown?" during every national news report this weekend), I am happy to report that me, Blake, my little cottage, and all the pets are just fine. We were home during the whole tornado deal, and I can tell you, as a former resident of the great twister state of Indiana, yeah...that's what that looks like. My father and I sat on the couch, watching the sky turn purple and the lightening blink like a thousand phantom police cruisers for all of 3 seconds before one of us said, "um...we need to go to the middle of the house and duck and cover." Debris smacked the siding, the transformer outside my kitchen window blew up, that weird roar that tornadoes bring with them commenced for a few moments, and then it was quiet. We strolled down the road, accounting for damage, checking on friends' houses, and then spent the next couple days waiting for the power to come on. Blake took some pictures. I'll post them when I get a chance.

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Northern Constitutional said...

I turn into a four year old when a Tornado Watch/Warning is issued. Jake and I make camp in a bathroom with the cats, some pillows, a weather radio, and read aloud from a book. The cats look at us like we are insane. "Why are we all in here?" they ask. It's sobering to imagine you and Blake having roughly the blink of an eye to get to safety. Sends shudders down my spine even now, when it's all over and dandy.