May 9, 2008 :: Jukebox Hero. Star Bar Elvis Shrine, L5P

Tonight, the company I work for is putting on a big-deal cajun-flavoured shindig on our building's rooftop deck, complete with lobster-printed bibs to catch low country boil juices; an open bar that serves beer, wine and hurricanes; and, so I thought, live entertainment. It's a "thanks for workin' with us" kind of get together for 200 or so clients and creative-industry folks--for the most part amiable, stylish, urban sorts who probably know a good party when they open the evite. But, thanks to forces I really can't explain other than to say that even cocktail-appropriate background music is apparently a very touchy subject, we're not hiring a band. (I'm frowning so hard internally my ego is creping around the eyes.) Instead, my office-mate J. has generously put together a randomized ipod list of hearty party songs. And that was no easy task either. Man. People have serious opinions about what makes a good auditory experience. I argue, after a hurricane or two, I bet no one will be able to name that tune anyway.

Anyway, here's to J. Don't wreck the DJ.

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Northern Constitutional said...

Hope the party turned out to be fun...very cool signage.