May 23, 2008 :: It's time to play the music...It's time to light the lights...

Oh my. Why did no one tell me that this came out three days before my birthday last year?

I think I fully imagined when I was a kid that I would marry Kermit the Frog. He was so humble. And kind. And musically talented. And genuine. Fortunately, I can say that I do get to marry someone genuinely kind, and talented, and, thankfully, a lot less green.

And that's a hell of a nice revelation to start the three-day weekend.

'Til next week, interweb. Hope you have a good one, too.


Northern Constitutional said...

Sometimes, I wonder if this dual-blogging experiment has linked our higher conscious-es together...I just put the original Muppet Movie on my Netflix queue yesterday. Or maybe we're both just that cool.

Kendra said...

i like the idea of us being intergalactically cool, on this plane and all others.