May 15, 2008 :: ABC3D

Today is rainy and on the introspective side, and in lieu of a photograph from me (my cards are full, but I've got no reader today), I send you this amazing alphabet book. Pop-up books and books with 3-dimensional elements have always been huge favorites of mine, ever since my mom brought me home a beat up copy of pat the bunny a zillion years ago. I also thought that this book was a pop-up, when I started remembering childhood readings, but I must be thinking of something else.

Regardless, in seeing Poky the Puppy for the first time in 25 years, I've realized that he looks an awful lot like Ollie. Who I miss terribly while I'm at work. And who looked at me with such adorable, gut-wrenching cuteness as I left this morning it about made me cry.

So continues the sullen rainy day. Blech.

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Northern Constitutional said...

I Loved the Poky Little Puppy! Excellent pop-up finds.