June 2, 2008 :: Reading at the dinner table is So allowed.

Things I've learned (from Blake).
  • All meat tastes better marinated in beer.
  • So many more people carry loaded weapons in their cars than you'd think.
  • Patience is a virtue. But not when it comes to traffic. That's war. And there is no virtue in war.
  • One does not eat grits with sugar. One does put coffee in gravy, and garlic in everything else.
  • The best writing happens at 4AM, on a porch, with a sleepy dog at your feet.
  • A good southern boy refers to his mother as "momma" and his father as "diddy"
  • Being told "Yes ma'am" turns me on like no one's business. (I mean, not if the paperboy says it. But coming out of Blake's mouth, where "ma'am" has like 17 syllables, dude. I'm telling you. Swooning.)

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terra studio said...

boy taught you right! never ever put sugar in grits. only butter, cheese, salt, pepper, and garlic if you're feeling feisty.