6/13/08 :: Now, with Features!

No photos, but features. It's been a long week.

Scroll down a bit and glance to the right half of your screen, and you will find a little box marked "tweet tweet". That list of general inanity is my new Twitter feed - a neato little service that gives you 100-something characters to type or text the answer to the question "what are you doing?" I'm not 100% sure how much I'll use it, but so far it's been a really nice diversion as I'm walking, waiting in elevators, raising my blood pressure in traffic, etc. I bet it sticks. And for someone whose main requirement of her cell phone is that it calls people and receives calls in return, but who also MUST multitask everything and psychotically needs every piece of electrical equipment to be all it can possibly be at all times (dude, if this new laptop would make me dinner and pick up its underwear, it'd give Mr. Rainey a run for his money), it's a nice little efficient geegaw.

It's also more fun if other people I know are twittering too - so....go there and sign up-and then follow me, and I'll follow you as well. You'd make my day.

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