June 20, 2008 :: And a good Friday to you, madame.

This morning, Atlanta was cool and quiet, Peachtree and the trains empty of both tourists and commuters. Apparently vacation-Fridays pull everyone away from here. I wish I was at the beach, but instead I pretended my cool-aired walk past the midtown skyline was a vacation in London or San Francisco. The city smelled different, and I could envision a day spent browsing museums, eating new foods and picking over bargain bins at foreign Salvation Armies. (the things I do on vacation most often.)

I'm kind of drained, actually. That's what i wanted to come here and say today. How ironic is it that I'm getting more exercise, eating 200% better, and somehow, I feel as if I've been hit by a truck? That is somehow very unfair. And discouraging. It's been a week of light, farmers-market bought lunches and wonderful gardeny dinners, little alcohol, and only enough caffeine to keep me functioning before noon, but my bones feel tired, and it has taken me until today to feel in any way excited or creative. Whine whine whine...yeah. I feel like a douchebag. But I still feel icky. I need this Friday to perk me up. And Saturday to keep me flying. Here's hoping.

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