BONUS. Because this borrowed Mac laptop has got me all motivated.

For me, because I am the geekiest person alive, using a different computer than my normal one is like going to your best friend's house in elementary school and having peanut butter and jelly WITH THE CRUSTS CUT OFF because even though its very similar to the peanut butter sandwiches your own mother makes, it's different and therefore SO MUCH BETTER.

Anyway, I give you this - the best advice I've ever read on relationships:

"From Maggie Mason: When I was single, I decided I wouldn't marry a man unless I could be proud if we had a son who turned out exactly like him." (via Dooce)

If I were still single, this would totally have helped me delete a number of really bad-idea phone numbers from my Razr, and run screaming from a number of situations. As a spoken-for person, it just makes me feel really good about my decisions.

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Northern Constitutional said...

Wow, that's a good one. Insightful.