September 4, 2008 :: One-oh-ate.

There's always some time-suck of a meme going around the internets. And I'll glance by them, generally, but usually not follow suit. Recently, I've done two. They're both about food. Here's the first one.

100 things every vegetarian (or, in my case, person-who-eats-more-vegetables-than-meats) should try in their lifetime. I've bolded the ones I've had, and commented on a few others.

1. Real macaroni and cheese, made from scratch and baked - Oh yes. This is the only kind Blake will eat, actually.

2. Tabouleh - every single chance I come in contact with it.

3. Freshly baked bread - have breadmaker, will bake. Yes.

4. Fresh figs - my co-worker unloaded half a tree-full on me a few weeks back, actually

5. Fresh pomegranate

6. Indian dal of any sort - There's a strip-mall restaurant in decatur that serves fantastic dal.

7. Imam bayildi - I had to look this one up. Now I want some.

8. Pressed spiced Chinese tofu

9. Freshly made hummus - one of my favorite, favorite foods.

10. Tahini - If you've had hummus, you've likely had tahini.

11. Kimchi - If it's fermented or pickled, it's on my favorites list.

12. Miso

13. Falafel

14. Potato and pea filled samosas

15. Homemade yogurt - My mother used to make yogurt in a cool, 70's yogurt maker. Wonder if I could find one on ebay? It was so delicious.

16. Muhammara - the ingredients of this are very familiar. I've probably had it, but can't say for sure.

17. Brie en croute - Every time I have a party. My go-to snack food.

18. Spanikopita

19. Fresh, vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes - From my own garden!

20. Insalata caprese

21. Stir-fried greens - kale, collards, and spinach

22. Freshly made salsa - Blake and I make roasted tomato salsa often.

23. Freshly made guacamole - This tastes 1000% better when you make it yourself.

24. Creme brulee

25. Fava beans

26. Chinese cold sesame peanut noodles

27. Fattoush -Ali Baba's in Atlanta has great fattoush.

28. New potatoes

29. Coleslaw - My middle name is cabbage.

30. Ratatouille -I have it in my recipe pile to cook this month though!

31. Baba ganoush

32. Winter squash - also a throwback to my childhood. We grew LOTS of squash.

33. Roasted beets - I don't do beets.

34. Baked sweet potatoes

35. Plantains - sugary and just plain fried.

36. Chocolate truffles

37. Garlic mashed potatoes

38. Fresh water chestnuts - canned, yes. Fresh? I don't think so...

39. Steel cut oats

40. Quinoa - quinoa is the most underrated and best grain on earth. We make this once a week.

41. Grilled portabello mushrooms

42. Chipotle en adobo

43. Stone ground whole grain cornmeal - got a tub of this in my pantry right now, awaiting the frying of some okra

44. Freshly made corn or wheat tortillas -The BEST. I've even made the flour variety myself.

45. Frittata

46. Basil pesto

47. Roasted garlic

48. Raita of any type - man, I think I have to go get indian for dinner.

49. Mango lassi

50. Jasmine rice (white or brown)

51. Thai vegetarian coconut milk curry

52. Pumpkin in any form other than pie - Roasted seeds.

53. Fresh apple pear or plum gallette - made plum cake the other night, actually

54. Quince in any form - I stepped over piles of these on a street in CA, but never ate one.

55. Escarole, endive or arugula

56. Sprouts other than mung bean - broccoli sprouts. Also, that mixed variety you find on salad bars sometimes is awesome--crunchy, earthy

57. Naturally brewed soy sauce - I've been to a few really nice Chinese places in the south. Also, just bought a bottle of natural soy sauce the other day for home!

58. Dried shiitake mushrooms

59. Unusually colored vegetables (purple cauliflower, blue potatoes, chocolate bell peppers…) - blue potatoes, black bell peppers.

60. Fresh peach ice cream - oh yes.

61. Chevre

62. Medjool dates

63. Kheer - this stuff is tapioca and rice-pudding's love child. VERY tasty.

64. Flourless chocolate cake

65. Grilled corn on the cob - Every single week since grilling season started this year.

66. Black bean (or any other bean) vegetarian chili - For lunch today!

67. Tempeh - I love tempeh. On a hoagie roll with cheese and veg's...mmmmm.

68. Seitan or wheat gluten - A couple times. Unfortunately, it makes me sick.

69. Gorgonzola or any other blue veined cheese

70. Sweet potato fries - with sriracha/honey sauce from the bar down the street from my house...oh yeah.

71. Homemade au gratin potatoes

72. Cream of asparagus soup - the cafeteria at my first corporate job served this...

73. Artichoke-Parmesan dip

74. Mushroom risotto - i've had all kinds of risotto...just not mushroom for some reason.

75. Fermented black beans

76. Garlic scapes - I just heard about this. When I plant my garlic, I will be sure to use them.

77. Fresh new baby peas - peas are, sadly, the only widely available vegetable I've not tried fresh. I HATE them frozen or in a can. Maybe next spring.

78. Kalamata olives

79. Preserved lemons

80. Fried green tomatoes - make them myself. mmm.

81. Chinese scallion pancakes

82. Cheese souffle

83. Fried apples

84. Homemade frijoles refritos - An experiment Stephanie and I undertook a while back. A successful experiment.

85. Pasta fagiole

86. Macadamia nuts in any form

87. Paw paw in any form -paw paws grow in my parents' backyard.

88. Grilled cheese sandwich of any kind

89. Paneer cheese

90. Ma Po Tofu (vegetarian style–no pork!) - no. But i want to...

91. Fresh pasta in any form - have made this myself too!

92. Grilled leeks, scallions or ramps

93. Green papaya salad

94. Baked grain and vegetable stuffed tomatoes

95. Pickled ginger - Sushi requirement.

96. Methi greens - this is fenugreek. As many salads as I've eaten, probably. But can't say for sure.

97. Aloo paratha

98. Kedgeree - I think this generally has fish in it. Strange addition to the list...

99. Okra - made a batch last weekend

100. Roasted brussels sprouts - This was my best food discovery of 2007-2008. Roasted with garlic, pine nuts, thyme and balsamic vinegar. Awesome.

Wow. I've only not eaten 15 of these. I didn't do so well on the "meat" version of the list...

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