September 23, 2008 :: Shameless Plug, #1

This week will be a week of unrelenting pandering, I feel. Hang in there. It's worth it.

At the end of this week (Saturday, September 27) Blake and his band the Young Antiques will be releasing their fourth full-length album titled "Soundtrack to Tear us Apart" at a rocktastic party at the Star Bar in Little Five Points. For those of you who do not live in Atlanta, however, and will not be with us for the toasting with the PBR (that's Blake) and the selling of the t-shirts (that's me), you have a chance to hear the band play tonight.

Tune your browser to WREK, 91.1 tonight at 10pm for a live, in-studio performance by the Young Antiques. They call it "live at WREK". To hear it, click on the live feed link.

You may also buy a real, live copy of the album here, or via iTunes within the next week or so. (It's not there just yet...but will be.)

About the picture: Since I moved to atlanta about a decade ago, I've always wanted to paint the Krog Tunnel entrance. Sunday morning, I finally got my chance - with the help of Blake and a few other friends. It was a blast. Although painting upside down while hanging precariously over moving traffic is at best challenging, and at worst vertigo-inducing. We did a fair enough job though, I think!

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