September 26, 2008 :: And sometimes we talk about music.

Every day has a soundtrack around here. Always has for me. And I love it when I encounter other people for whom there's a song, some song, just for that moment. A couple weekends ago, I met and got to hang out with one of Blake's significant ex's, and at a point during one of the many conversations, she asked the group, out of the blue, "what song do you have in your head, right now?" I already liked her quite a bit, but that sealed the deal. Then it was Elvis Costello's "Oliver's Army," but the internal playlist has rotated since. Probably ten times, actually.

Every morning (and then seventeen more times throughout the day), I go on a methodical search for the day's soundtrack. I rarely know exactly what I need. Fortunately, I work in an office full of people with crazy-varied taste in music (and be hooked up to them via iTunes), and between them and internet radio, pandora, and a T-1 to the bit-torrent sites, I can usually find something. Weather affects the search (Bonobo, maybe Cinematic Orchestra on the overcast days), so does workload (Nick Cave for the corporate web writing, Bon Iver for research). But mostly the soundtrack has to do with mood, motivation and mostly suggestion. I use iTunes' party shuffle like a litmus test - play, pause, skip (good lord, no more TV on the Radio, yes please Band of Horses), until I find the right album. Then I wear the hell out of it.

This week was all Faith's album (sleepy, literary PJ Harvey), Jenny Lewis (silly lyrics, great hooks), the French Kicks (loopy, easy-going indie rock), Bonnie Prince Billy (the title track is my 'in my head' song of the moment), and of course, the Young Antiques.

Mr. Rainey and I do a lot of talking about music (and a lot of arguing about plot lines and politics--poking each other back and forth - but that's another story). But this week's dialogue has been all about the album above. How it's the best work he's ever done. How he's got great hopes for the next one, even though this one's not officially out yet. How he hopes people show up to the release party.

That's tomorrow night. It seems a bit silly, but I'm ridiculously full of anticipation.

If you're in Atlanta, see you at the Star Bar at 9-ish. 10 PM for Warm in the Wake, 11 for Young Antiques, midnight for Five Eight.

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