September 29, 2008 v2 :: We did Good.

A short little blurb (that is actually a week late...sorry), but a project I worked on at my full-timey job can be found in every single Starbucks in the nation. It's the first in a series co-sponsored by GOOD Magazine that gives caffeinated voters the lowdown on election-worthy issues. We made a little world that explains Carbon Emissions and called it "A Field Guide to America's Favorite Greenhouse Gas."

Go get one - it's free! #2 was supposed to launch today, but I still saw these in the store this morning, and I bet if you asked, they'd still be around. You'll find them in a little pocket near the register, or on the customer side of the barista/bar area.

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Northern Constitutional said...

Wow, Kudos. That's really cool. I'll look for it.