September 11, 2008 :: Sunset with Shoes, Wylie St. 30312

Ah, things. They are good. It's just about fall here in Atlanta - I can smell it on the air - and since fall is my hands-down, most favoritest time of year, I'm all fired up and busy and ready to get down to business. Like the business of teaching a new class at Portfolio Center - "Content-Oriented Branding" where Juliet and I will tag-team writers, designers and photographers about creating new, non-marketing material to market products and services. It'll be very cool. And also the very big business of planning a wedding.

Oh yeah, that. The wedding.

I can't reveal some very specific specifics just yet (key parties are not aware and need to be notified. And no, I am not pregnant.), but for a variety of reasons, Mr. Rainey and I will be doing the marriage/celebration/big party thing 'round December of this year now. Not next April, as was previously discussed. And maybe January, depending on musicians' schedules and venue logistics. But so very soon. Invitations have been planned, my dress will arrive in a few weeks, and I've got visions of cupcakes and table rentals and bar fees dancing in my head at all hours of the day and mostly night. It's all $$$ and !!! around here right now, really, and I couldn't be happier. Allergy-ridden, mourning the fact that we just had to eat $3500 worth of damn-hell-bastard-van-related crap (the van is dead, long live the van), and utterly, wildly, stupidly happy.

Now that is a big deal.

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