Feb 01, 2008 :: cold winter blues

Really, that title is misleading, as I am cold, but am not blue. Crystal clear winter days like this one are really some of my favorites. Now, understand, this is cold on Atlanta's terms--maybe 45 degrees. Clearly not the sub-zero frozenness that I read about in Saskatchewan yesterday. (Blake didn't believe me when I told him I had read a story about temperatures that were negative 40 degrees.) Just pleasant briskness. Perfect as a lead-up to a home improvement weekend.

Oh, and that's what this will be. I'm finally, finally getting around to picking up the remainder of my stored furniture. We shall have dresser drawers! We shall have hanging storage! We shall have floorspace for things other than suitcases full of clothes! The bookshelves will be free, free I tell you, of socks and underwear! Man. It's exciting.

Also, the puppy rescue people are visiting this weekend (i've just found out.) Fingers crossed that they'll like me, and find my little milltown cottage suitable for a squishy puppy. We'll be wrapping up the electrical cord medusa behind the stereo and moving toxic plants to the top shelves tomorrow morning. Wish us luck!

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Northern Constitutional said...

haha, Jim Gaffigan just did a whole schtick about it being below 50 and how he thought they were just being sarcastic! Now go! Improve away! (Fingers crossed for squishy pup)