February 11, 2008 :: My hero! Edgewood Avenue, 8 AM

I am back on the trail today. The sickness has all but bled out of me (well, save for this annoying cough) and even though it was about 30 degrees this morning, I bundled up and headed out the door, leaving Blake the truck. (He's still got the plague.) All through this ridiculous sickness, I have found that tea has been about the best thing ever. I've always loved the stuff, but I've gained a new appreciation for its cleansing, warming, astringent, throat coating, calming action over the past weeks. I'm having a cup of mandarin spice right now, actually.

The photo above is of the 11:11 teahouse on Edgewood, an awesome little place that sells loose tea by the pound, dessert by the slice, and on some weekends also has low-key music. Blake and the demons played there last year, and I've been to see a number of other guitar-and-keyboard-and-drum ensembles there on other occasions. 11:11 is also one of the ten places in town that advertises bubble tea, but yet never has it in stock.

In case you don't know, bubble tea is this amazing sweet concoction that pairs milky, usually jasmine tea with big, black bubbles of tapioca that you suck up through a fat straw. It's wonderful. And nobody who purports to carry it ever has it in stock in this city. It's a desert in a plastic cup! A confection in a straw! And a huge tease for me. Man. I want some right now. Maybe I can order it....

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Northern Constitutional said...

Tea by the pound...Jake and I HAVE to get to a city.