February 12, 2008 :: His sinuses must hurt too. Edgewood Ave.

I'd like to make it clear that I am now 100% sick of sickness. The cold and flu together in two weeks, horrific. The goo and lethargy that bridged the gap and stretched into this weekend, inexcusable. My giving the sickness to Blake (who has to stand outside all day), dastardly. And now, the 12-hour migraine-like headache? Too much. I'm telling you. Enough is enough--I've got stuff to do.

I'm done whining now.

Good news abounds too, you know. My parents are visiting this weekend. (We're dropping the wedding bomb on them over piles of meat and bottles of wine at the Brazilian steakhouse). Blake broke the news to his parents yesterday, on their wedding anniversary (he says they are excited). And us four (me, blake, dave and jane) are about to become us five, with the addition of a cute...squishy...wrinkly...


Her name is Beatrice (for now - we're considering other options and taking suggestions). She's an olde english bulldogge pup. She's white with one black eye-patch and a little black dot on the base of her tail. We pick her up in a couple weekends. I can't wait to leash-train her, take her out 'round the neighborhood, show her off to the hoi polloi at the doggie park (Jane's kind of a black-sheep(dog) in mixed company. She keeps her back to the exit, surveys her playmates/adversaries wryly, and basically hangs with me. I'm hoping the puppy will be a rough-and-tumble frisbee-magnet or in for a good game of chase periodically.)

One thing though: She's sure to be photogenic, so much puppy love is definitely to follow.