Feb 25, 2008 :: They're watching, you know.

Shortness for today (I have been quite windy lately, haven't I?). Topic: photography. Why: I spent the afternoon Sunday with Stephanie at the studio she works for (the photo above is of a piece of their front door. The place is a nice walk from my house, too, which is awesome), waiting on a bunch of cross-dressing glam-boys from the "house of Blahnik," and "house of Revlon" (among others) to show up for their portrait. To my distinct disappointment, they did not. But that's entirely another story. The whole thing is, for sure.

(1) I love staircases & viney painting. A bunch.
(2) Designers rule.
(3) "Vintage" is becoming overplayed. Too bad it's so awesome anyway.
(4) I need to find $125 for this immediately.

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