Feb 27, 2008 :: I thought this was called an Easter Lilly.

...which would have meant that it has no apparent reverence for the religious calendar, or that our climate here makes spring flowers in February less of a weirdness than one might expect. Anyway, it's a Daffodil, folks. I'm bad with names--people and flora.

The picture is a cheat, anyway. I took it yesterday, a day that it was not snowing. Right now, the white stuff is blowing around outside, messing with morning commuters. Now, nothing. This 'tween season is killing me.

I have little to say at the moment, interestingly. Let's see if I can dredge something up.

I dreamed I was pregnant the other night. Apparently this means a creative burst and/or a beneficial change is about to happen. Sounds good to me.

I used to play music in this band called The Forever War. We did exactly two shows. One of them apparently went over really well. (Scroll down to about the end of the page. There you'll find a photo of me playing coronet in a dark club and a rather great review.)

I sent my taxes off to be done yesterday, called in a bunch of overdue invoices, and filed my homestead exemption. I feel all administrative and on it. We'll see how long that lasts.

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