February 21, 2008 :: Rainy nights are movie nights

Two short things for today.

1. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of daylight savings time. I can't tell you how sick I am of coming home in the dark, waking up in the dark, and never being able to take an extra walk after dinner without looking for a flashlight (and in my neighborhood, lately a can of pepper spray or good, sharp shiv). The light will set us free, I know. We're already planning evening jaunts to new restaurants, the cometary on the hill, far-flung coffeeshoppes and dog parks.

2. I've been reading the renovation blog Door Sixteen for a few months now, and just found today that the blog's home was featured on Apartment Therapy this week, complete with new pictures. As I was browsing through, I noticed that this very well-designed home has a nice flat-paneled TV in the corner of the living room - something you don't often see in many well-coiffed designer houses. I mentally applauded them for not hiding the electronics. Then Door Sixteen's owner blogged about it later today, too.

I wanted to say that I'm with you, there Sixteen. I have a house I'm proud to own (and proud to be working on), and I'm proud to say that I also watch television. Not giant amounts of it (backpedaling, I know) but certainly some shameless hours I should be spending reading or painting or digging outside. I love my media options very much, as my well-conditioned TiVo can attest.

In fact, tonight, we'll be making homemade pizza and burning out our few waning synapses watching this movie - which is probably as far from reading, listening to NPR, teaching the dog to play the piano, playing chess, making homemade cheese, or writing complex anagrams in our heads as Blake and I can get.

And we'll do it without shame.

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