Jan 3, 2008 :: Berean Avenue

Meet Louie. Actually, in the photo above, see Louie lift a leg and christen someone's leafy front yard in the 7PM blackness. Louie belongs to my friend Stephanie, who is currently in Hawaii, not freezing. She's left this tiny bundle of dogginess in my care this week, and because he is an enormous snuggle-bug, he has been my constant companion ever since she stepped off my front porch the other night. When we watch TV, he sits on my lap (sometimes in this alert, Napoleonic pose, ears erect, scanning the room dourly for signs of invasion). When we sleep, he snuggles up against my back or my stomach, under the covers. When we eat, he (and Jane) beg like Dickensonian street urchins. Actually, the two of them are a pretty adorable pair. The big and the small. Jane is a giant compared to Louie - and I have such a hard time reconciling that they're cousins. Relatives. Closer in genetic material than Louie and Dave (the cat), who is much more his size.

Speaking of the cat, she is in no way pleased that I have brought another one of those things into the house. She shoots the little dog an eat-sh*t glance periodically, and then sighs dramatically and wanders off. This happens 10 times a night.

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Northern Constitutional said...

hahaha! Awesome! That little thing is adorable, just take him everywhere with you and say he's your handbag.