Jan 9, 2008 :: Cabbagetown Park

I've been waffling. Usually, when a rather life-changing decision comes my way, my typical response is to momentarily quiet my inner dialogue (running 24/7, 365 for 31 years now!), take the first feeling of direction and run with it. So far, that tactic has brought me, among other things: the chance to play trumpet in an indie-rock band, a great job writing words for other people, the ability to edit video and sound, a BMW 2002, a 120-year old house (rather than a 1950s one that I almost said yes to), Jane, Steve the lizard, and a very lovely musician boyfriend (my friend said "let's go play in this impromptu music experiment thing," I said yes, and when we paired up for the day, Blake drew my name out of a hat.)

But maybe I'm getting older and more cautious. Because we've been talking about adding another four-legged friend to the family, and I'm considering and re-considering, swinging wildly back and forth. Bulldog? (too expensive for one from a reputable breeder). Beagle? (cute but rowdy). Rescue? (Atlanta's known for having little available but combinations of pitts and chows) Pet store? (Not sure I like that idea at all, though Arrow is likely one of the best dogs ever (boy, do I miss him), and he came from a pet store...) I know we want a puppy. I know we want one, period. So, why can't I just make up my mind, get in the car, and go searching?

Could have something to do with the fact that lovely, tiny Louie (who I've been babysitting for the past week) managed to do a poop dance all over the floor yesterday, something Jane's only ever done ONCE in her whole life with me. I'm spoiled. I remember what it's like to train a puppy (OH the chewing! OH the pee! OH the rampage!...but OH the CUTENESS!!), and it's not dulled enough since the last time. Jane's easy. Quiet. Cuddly. On a schedule that requires I touch no feces inside my own house. (That is, I am only required to scoop outside.) I look forward to walking with two of them. To the rough-housing and snuggling they'll hopefully do together. To jane having something to mother a bit (more than the cat, who is having none of that, thank you.) ...???

I think I need to do some more considering.

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