Jan 6, 2008 :: Out the door

I'm late. No, not that kind of late. Just the posting kind, thankfully. I walked, Jane and I played ball in the park (the wonderfully named "Esther Peachy-Lefevre" Park), and then came home to a clean house (well, that I had cleaned. It wasn't magic.) and crock-pot Madras curry for dinner. Then Blake came home from his show in Chapel Hill, and since, he and I have been butting heads up against the broken American medical system, and the very expensive and seemingly insurmountable task of getting medical care for a person with no health insurance. In a small town, I suppose we could go visit the local hospital, call on the family physician, ask Old Doc'-somebody, but in the big town, your options are crappy care in crappy clinics, terrible advice from free sources, or, being mired in a very expensive and time-consuming witch-hunt to find someone who will see the afflicted before April. (Yes, you heard me correctly. April was the earliest date the worst hospital in Atlanta (read: the one for those without insurance) would give us as an appointment date.)

Anyway, that's why I'm late. The photo above is the view out my front door: some things I like about the city--my house, my porch, the facing wall of graffiti. Another post from this morning's walk will be coming tonight. And boy, can I not WAIT to vote for President later this year. Want to discuss universal healthcare?