Jan 21, 2008 :: Sky Blue Sky, The Temple, Peachtree Street

I have a dry tickle in my throat, some evil nastiness in my sinuses and my head feels heavy and angry. I was awake between 4 and 5 am this morning for no good reason. I feel like I'm getting sick, but I also know that my body seems to have this unnatural ability to fight off such things. I get the "Oops..almost sick" feeling every once in a while, but rarely the full-blown deal. Not that I'm complaining...but I'd like a good, benign excuse to stay home and drink tea every once in a while. Everyone else gets one periodically - it's not fair.

Today would have been perfect - because today I'm working and nearly no one else is.

Anyway - I hiked to Kroger at lunch today to get ingredients for tonight's brussely feast (that I mentioned yesterday). The inspiration: I found a fantastic website - Orangette. I've done little research on the writer, but I do know that she's got a taste for simple food that matches my own so perfectly. I've made a couple of her suggestions and they always turn out amazing. (And she used the word "boozyaide," which sounds fantastic to me.) Make sure to look at her winter pesto. For this, I will be growing mounds of parsley this spring.

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