Jan 20, 2008 :: Tye Street in the snow

One more day of winter. Not that I'm counting, or pulling off the paper rings toward the day it's over. It can snow every day here during winter for all I care--I've always found christmas and new year's in 65 degrees a bit odd.

Some random items. (I'm really surprised i haven't done a list before now, actually. I'm a habitual lister.)
- I played Wii today for two hours and my arms hurt. The most fun part was making little Mii Kendra and Mii Blake.
- I am utterly, madly obsessed with Iron & Wine's "The Shepherd's Dog." Especially the song called "Resurrection Fern." I hear it in my dreams.
- I'm crocking Jambalaya for dinner this week, and saute'ing brussells sprouts with pine nuts and garlic for a rough-chopped pesto on Monday night.
- This evening we had dinner with the always awesome Justin and Cathy and their adorable little girls. At the best suburban restaurant I've been to in forever. We had sushi, including something called "the big O" which was just as spectacular as it sounds, though with more wasabi than most would expect.
- Sweetwater Hummer with clementine slices is about all the summer I need right now.

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