Jan 15, 2008 :: Catching up.

Alright, I'm behind 3 days now. I did walk on at least 2 of those days, but neglected to post, and now, I'm inclined to move forward, rather than backtrack. We'll say those days didn't exist. Or that we've jumped through a worm-hole and arrived on a most wonderful day: january 15, 2008.

Weirdly, even though I'm a couple days behind, I feel like I'm a day ahead in some respects. It's Tuesday, but it feels like Wednesday. It's 4:30, but it feels like I just got here. I'm sure this has everything to do with the riduculous amount of work I've accomplished in the last week--proofing a 200+ page magazine for print, writing two new articles for said magazine, attending a marathon 4-hour interview and photo-shoot, writing most of a website and all of a commercial brochure for a prostate cancer treatment system, naming 3 rather cool "innovations" for a certain red-branded-softdrink-company-that-shall-remain-nameless- lest-they-sue-me, and shooting two nights of concerts. Whew. Damn.

What's great is, busyness always breeds motivation for me. I've got books queued up to read , seed catalogs to order from, plans for painting and organizing in my head now. I've got fiction on the brain and wild dreams every night and new recipes to try. I'm all "squirrly" as one of my friends from high school would say: nutty and nerdy and ready to run screaming into 10 projects at once.

But man. Right now, I'm tired just thinking about that.

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Northern Constitutional said...

"squirrly", I like it. I don't exactly have a perfect record with this either...we're making it up as we go along, aren't we?