Jan 24, 2008 :: Image Coming Soon

I saw this on another blog, and because i like q&A and Audrey is bored with talking about the winter landscape, I thought we could do this.

Things you might not know:

I have been imagining and re-imagining my first dance as a newlywed - not my wedding dress, not my china pattern, not my potential kiddies' names, just the dance and the song - for 20 years.

I have a girl cat with a boy's name, a lizard named after a 60s motorcycle rebel, and a dog named for an unclaimed body.

I am nearly psychotically afraid of putting my eye out. Or, perhaps even more weirdly, of having it sucked out of my skull by the vacuum cleaner. Please don't tell any of my employers I'm this wacko.

My ears pop when I swallow. Always.

I love the taste of raw potatoes.

I heartily dislike jam band music and usually also people who do like it. I am sorry if that is you. I can't help it. 20-minute wank-fest solos only sound good if you're really, really high.

I was once arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia while a passenger in the car of a person who didn't even know what a "roach clip" was (this is what the officer was accusing us of having with us). It was not a "roach clip," it was a pen cap. Suck it, Harrison Ohio police force.

My first kiss was behind a small wastewater treatment plant with a boy whose grownup ambition was to be a commercial pilot. When I get on a plane, sometimes I wonder if he's flying it.

I find hands very sexy. Especially slender fingers and delicate wrists on a man. Blake's hands are absolutely perfect that way.

I once keyed a guy's brand-new black mustang. He had, in the previous 5 minutes tried to pin me to a bed and make out with me against my will. I considered breaking the windows and slashing the tires too, but didn't.

Referenced in yesterday's post, I have toys on my desk. A small Edgar Allen Poe with a raven on his shoulder, a "Scary Girl" doll, and a tiny, very detailed UPS delivery truck.

Your Turn.

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Northern Constitutional said...

tee hee, wank-fest. I wish I could've smashed that guys windows in with a crowbar. What. A. Cad. I'm losing steam, may soon become professional whiner.