Jan 4, 2008 :: Inwood Circle. Chamomile after a cold walk.

I learned late last year about a wonderous thing. It's called fika - a Swedish word that means, basically, "snacks and a warm beverage in the afternoon." Truly, I have been taking all kinds of wild, hot fika my entire working life. But who knew it has a proper term? And a cultural history? And a following of people who have rather beautiful blogs and design sensibilities? (There are four links there, by the way - four of my favorite inspiration blogs.)

Indeed, I am a bit inspired today myself. I had kind of a crappy, weepy morning (hormones, bad dreams, and general XX-ness) but now, after spending most of the day proofing and writing text for the new Here magazine (due to come out next month - see the last two years'-worth here), I will now be spending the rest of the afternoon reading, listing for the weekend's home projects, fika-ing, and listening to new music. I am thrilled.

New music of the moment: Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins (Blake worked some of the words to "Just as I am" into a new song a while back. They do a similar thing with "There but for the Grace of God Go I," a tactic I love. Heartfelt, it seems, on both counts.); Iron and Wine's The Shepherd's Dog (folky goodness); and The Weepies (don't let the fact that they did the song for the Old Navy holiday commercials turn you off. The album is amazing.)'s the weekend in an hour-fifteen! Happiness.

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Northern Constitutional said...

Wow, snacking is back in again! Hooray for Sweden!