Jan 23, 2008 :: Pestilence!

There will yet be walking today, actually (to meet Stephanie for dinner and then back through the neighborhood), but it will be dark and I will be cold and unmotivated to photograph, I suspect. So, you get this instead: the world's scariest coffee mug. I mean, really - who gave our office this apocalyptic, hypochondriac's night-terror of a beverage holder? Better yet, who wrote this thing up and thought "man, that's an effective little piece of schwag, Bob! Remind 'em of a slow, painful death as they attempt to enjoy their chamomile. That'll light up the phones like Christmas!"

Holy hell.

Where's the mug with the amorous bunnies 69-ing all over it? We've got one of those too. My head's too full of gooey sickness to deal with this kind of shite right now.

On a lighter note, please enjoy tiny, plastic Mr. Poe doing his best impression of either the Queen Mother or Don Corleone in the background. You're welcome.

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Northern Constitutional said...

It's official. Even your office mugs are more interesting than the landscape of Muncie. I'm wilting over here trying to find interesting images outdoors...