Jan 8, 2008 :: Edgewood Avenue to Wylie St.

It was a graffiti afternoon for some reason. Damp, dusky, cool, and luminescent with that golden-hour light. These are some of the things we pass on the way home from the train every day. I love how the continual painting and re-painting has made it look as if the wall on Krog street is bleeding. I like the fact that someone painted over some well-drawn and well-thought art with a crappy smiley-face parallels the graffiti argument--is some of it art? Is all of it art? Is some of it crap? And the tunnel is always a good subject. The south-facing entrance has somehow been ordained the political face. A plug for Ron Paul sits over the entrance, and anti-war sentiment covers the pillars.

A side note: we walked a LOT yesterday. Quickly. So quickly my shins hurt and I can feel my body rebuilding muscle. It's an interesting feeling. I'm tired, worn a little, but I feel great. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow.


Northern Constitutional said...

WHY do people always have to ruin the good graffiti with their crappy handwritten sentiments?! That happens here all the time, and it is SO frustrating.

Kendra said...

Yeah. I despise that. It's almost as if they're jealous of the effort it took. But I also kind of think that there's a part of that graffiti mantra that has so much to do with putting your mark over-top something else, that it makes sense. Not good sense, but, there it is.